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In this article, you will see how to do that... Becoming a PADI Scuba Instructor can be done in a year's time or less with our Career Development Program. We will commit our time, expertise and resources in order for you to become the best Instructor possible. Below I will show you the steps to take from an absolute novice to becoming a professional.

Where to start

The time frame for you to become an Instructor depends on your level of certification when entering the Career Development Program. If you are already a qualified Rescue Diver or Divemaster, you only need a few months to get ready for the Instructor Development Course (IDC). There are two opportunities each year for joining an IDC, these dates are in the middle of the year and at the end of the year.

Here is the process of becoming an internationally recognized dive professional in 3 steps.

Step 1.
Become a Scuba Diver

We all have to start somewhere, the very first step to becoming a Scuba Diver is to get your Open Water Diver certification. This will enable you to dive up to 18 meters. With this certification under your belt, you can start exploring and enjoying a vast amount of different dive sites.

 Become an Open Water Diver PADI 1

Step 2.
Continue your Scuba Education

Advanced Open Water Diver Certification

Next up is the Advanced Open Water Diver. During this course, you'll receive an overview of 5 specialties with 2 core specialties being Deep Diver and Underwater Navigator. You can choose the remainder of the specialties that you would like to do from the following:  Night DiverWreck DiverEnriched Air Diver, Boat Diver, Rescue Diver Certification and Search and Recovery. Here in Cape Town, I enjoy exploring the wrecks lying at 30m. They are overgrown with coral and full of life with frequent visitors like pyjama sharks and seals.

Become an Advanced Open Water Diver PADI

Rescue Diver Certification

Now that you are an Advanced Diver you can continue to become a Rescue Diver. For this course, you need to become a qualified Emergency First Responder, which includes basic life support and first aid training. This is a fun, informative course filled with practical rescue exercises, self-rescue reviews and emergency assistance plans. This course thoroughly prepares you for any rescue scenario. I loved doing this course, it not only helped me to be more confident but also a more competent diver.

Rescue Diver Course and EFR PADI

Step 3.
Dive Professional Training


At last! Divemaster... your first certification to become a PADI Pro. You will need at least 60 logged dives including experience in night diving, deep diving and underwater navigation. Being a role model for other divers and assisting Instructors in the pool and sea is a great way to prepare and perfect your skills.

As a Dive Master you're able to conduct the following programs:  Discover Scuba DivingSkin Diving, Reactivate Courses and Discover Local Diving (Guided Fun Dives). This is why we dive, it's immensely rewarding to introduce people to, as well as share the underwater world with people.

Become a Divemaster PADI


A lot goes into becoming an Instructor, let's have a look at the prerequisites:
You need 100 logged dives which must include night, deep and navigation dives.
You need to be at least 18 years old.
You need to be a Dive Master and an Emergency First Responder Instructor.

Where, what and how
You can enrol for your Instructor Development Course (IDC) at Just Africa Scuba, a PADI IDC Center. The IDC consists of in-depth training, full-time, for two weeks. The main goal of the IDC is to prepare you for the Instructor Examination (IE). This exam is done by an independent PADI Instructor Examinator and evaluates the candidate's teaching ability, dive knowledge, skill level, understanding of the PADI System, attitude, professionalism, and other attributes required of PADI Instructors.

Become a PADI Instructor

Why choose Just Africa Scuba?

We are a PADI 5Star Instructor Development Centre. Within our Career Development Program, we take you through this whole process of courses and training needed to become a well-rounded PADI Instructor. You will gain much-needed experience within our internship program and have the option of doing extra courses to improve your prospects of employment. Situated in Gordon's Bay, this is the place to be. False Bay offers an impressive array of diving options and marine life diversity. From kelp forests and amazing reefs to wrecks and sharks, not to mention our seal and penguin colonies. 

The PADI Professional's Creed holds us to a high standard: We change fear into courage, faintheartedness into accomplishment, timidity into confidence, and anticipation into passion. We open hearts and minds to nature's creations and protect them. We foster self-esteem, teach character and integrity, and change lives for the better.

Join us today, the ocean is waiting!

Mari v Wyk

Article by Mari van Wyk
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Images supplied by @sealife_madeleinwolf

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