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Sardine Run Coffee Bay

July 2022

Dates & Prices to be confirmed for 2022


Join us for this unforgettable trip to the Wild Coast and experience the Sardine Run up close.

This is an amazing experience that can be enjoyed by anybody that loves the ocean......you DO NOT need to be a Scuba Diver, just an Ocean Lover. Free Divers and snorkelers are also welcome.

Coffee Bay,
Wild Coast,

East London
Max Depths
5m - 10m
Water Temp
18°C - 25°C
5m - 15m
 Open Water

The base will be at the Ocean View Hotel in Coffee Bay, right on the beach. The location is truly breathtaking and the Ocean View Hotel is a real treasure.

About the Sardine Run

The Sardine Run is a phenomenon that occurs when schools of Sardines migrate from the colder waters off the Cape to the warm waters of Kwa Zulu Natal.

It is a natural phenomenon that usually occurs during the months of June and July and into early August when massive schools of sardines migrate from the colder waters around the Cape to the warmer waters of Kwa-Zulu Natal to give birth to their offspring. Once they've laid their eggs, they return to the Cape, closely followed by thousands of dolphins, birds, fish of prey, whales and sharks. The ocean just comes alive and the thrill is simply indescribable.

The sharks and dolphins round up a large number of sardines and form what is known as a bait ball. Once the bait ball is formed, the sharks and dolphins swim through and through and through that ball until not one sardine is left. They are often joined by gannets that dive from a dizzy height and use their wings to actually swim further down in pursuit of a sardine.

How it works

We first approach the situation carefully and watch from the boat what is going on.

Once the DM and Skipper are at ease with the situation, we slide into the water and watch the incredible scene from a depth of approximately 5-7m. Such a Bait Ball can last from a few minutes to half an hour or even longer.

When it is over it's back on the boat and off to wherever the action is.

This can go on for hours or even the whole day with a lunch break in between. Our Micro Light pilot is constantly updating us with information regarding the action.

We return to base no later than 15h00. Driving back into this idyllic river mouth just finishes a great adventure. The guests are picked up by the 4x4s and taken straight home to a hot shower.

Our staff is preparing the boat and equipment for the next day, washing off all diving equipment, and hanging the wet suits into our heated equipment room at the Ocean View Hotel.

A scrumptious buffet awaits us from 18h00 at leisure.

What makes this trip so special?

What makes this experience unique with us is we have exclusivity at the amazing Ocean View Hotel so there’ are no other boats in the area to get in on our action unless they drive all the way from Port St Johns. This trip has the added bonus of having air support to find the bait ball and any other activity so that the boat knows exactly where to go. This increases your chances of being part of the real action tremendously.

The Sardine Run experience is an unforgettable adventure one never forgets. It is truly nature at its best.


  • 3 Nights accommodation.
  • 3 Meals a day of which one is a snack lunch served on the boat.
  • 2 Days at sea.
  • We supply cylinders and weights, additional equipment rental is extra.


  • Flights
  • Airport Transfers from East London.
  • Dive equipment other than cylinders and weight-belts (but can be rented).
  • Alcoholic drinks


  • Dive Certification Card
  • Towel and drybag for the boat
  • Warm waterproof jacket, beanie, and sunhat
  • Sunblock and personal medications (such as seasickness tablets)
  • Cameras (topside and underwater)
  • Own dive equipment, other than cylinders and weight-belts


Don't miss out on this amazing experience.

Dates & Prices to be confirmed for 2022

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