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DAN members have a passion for the water, a quest for knowledge and love of community. So be part of something bigger. Join nearly 500,000 divers worldwide and experience valuable benefits to make you a safer, smarter diver.

Divers Alert Network (DAN) is the world’s most recognised and respected dive safety organisation comprised of dive professionals and medical experts dedicated to supporting divers. Through research, medical services, educational programs and global response initiatives.

For over 20-years, DAN has created an extensive network capable of providing divers around the world with vital services. Everyday divers rely upon DAN for dive safety
information and health guidance. They know that in event of emergency, we’ll be there for them - no matter where adventure takes them.


Smart divers’ benefit from this opportunity. The cost of a dive accident can exceed R200,000 a cost that isn’t always covered by primary insurance. But don’t worry, as a DAN member, you have access to the industry’s leading dive accident cover.

DAN offers comprehensive plans that provide protection and peace-of-mind in the event of a dive accident for far less than the cost of an unplanned event.

DAN’s Dive Accident Cover Plans are recognised worldwide providing secondary coverage of up to R900,000 and paying 100% of eligible expenses.


It takes less that 10 minutes to sign up for Annual Dive Cover as a recreational diver, freediver or spear fisherman. DAN dive cover includes payment for the cost of hospitalisation, medical and hyperbaric treatment, and certain other costs associated with diving-related accidents. Get up to R900,000 of emergency dive cover.

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Sign up for Temporary Dive Cover as a recreational diver, free-diver or spear fisherman. With the temporary dive cover package you know that your dive trip is covered, it gives you peace of mind when you are on the move and is taken for increments of five days at a time. Cover is limited to diving outside your country of residence and only covers dive related emergencies. Cover limit of R300,000.

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DAN's Student Cover (open water or equivalent courses) is free of charge to entry-level students from the first pool session to the qualifying dive or for a duration of six weeks. Recreational dive, freediving and spear fisherman entry-level students are all eligible. Cover limit of R300,000. This complimentary dive cover, fully subsidised by DAN, covers entry-level students in the unlikely event of a dive injury during their entry-level training. As a diving-related injury or illness can be costly, it pays to be prepared. While entry-level students focus on learning to dive and getting comfortable underwater, DAN has them covered should an unexpected incident occur — above or below water.

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When you support DAN, you support the organization’s ongoing efforts to reduce dive injuries and improve first response and medical treatment. One hundred percent of DAN’s profits are reinvested in research, medical services and programs that make diving safer for all divers. As a diver, you need DAN — and DAN needs you.

Every day, divers and emergency-response personnel around the world trust DAN’s oxygen units and first-aid kits to perform in an emergency. That’s because DAN’s products have been developed, tested and refined with input from leading doctors and researchers to meet the discriminating requirements of the diving community. Be ready to respond. Explore the DAN Shop to make sure you are prepared with the latest safety equipment to effectively handle any dive emergency.

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Enroll in DAN’s Free Online Prepared Diver Course
The human body wasn’t designed to breathe underwater, but with the right equipment and proper training, almost anyone can become an underwater explorer. Unfortunately, to err is human and accidents happen; but they don’t have to happen to you.

The five most common scuba diving accidents are preventable. That’s why Divers Alert Network (DAN) created the Prepared Diver course.

Most divers don’t plan to run out of air or make an uncontrolled ascent, but there are common, preventable mistakes that lead up to these emergencies. DAN’s Prepared Diver course is based upon real-life dive accidents and uses engaging video modules to help divers learn more about the science of diving so they can make informed decisions and minimise risk.

Prepared Diver Modules
Each video-based module covers one of the five main triggers of dive incidents. Once you enrol your divers, they can access and review the information independently via DAN eLearning.

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 Respect Your Limits

Reviews tangible and intangible limitations that divers face before every dive, including environmental, physical and physiological issues.

 Be Aware of Your Air

Stresses the importance of having sufficient air by considering factors such as currents, workload and weighting when planning a dive.

 Listen to Your Ears

Teaches students the effects of pressure at depth and covers common ear injuries and injury prevention.

 Maintain Good Buoyancy

Helps students recognise the factors that affect buoyancy and learn how to establish optimal weighting.

Control Your Ascent

Explores the physics affecting safe ascents in several types of dive environments and how to ascend properly in each one.

 Assume Responsibility

Divers bear the ultimate responsibility for the decisions they make. This section shows what issues to pay attention to and what questions to ask.


DAN delivers a deep level of information tailored to the way you learn best!

At DAN, we believe a smarter diver is a safer diver. And when you’re 18 meters underwater, you want to be certain that you have the knowledge needed to explore safely. That’s why, for over 30 years, we have made it our mission to deliver extensive educational and dive safety resources to help you stay safe — both in and out of the water.

Where to start with Diving

Are you new to diving or do you want to further your dive education?
Guided Shore & Boat Dives


Join us for guided fun dives around False Bay. We offer boat dives and shore dives from Gordon’s Bay to Pringle Bay as well as Simon’s Town and surrounds.
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Explore False Bay


Tours can be accompanied by a marine biologist, who will provide valuable insight into the biodiversity and history of False Bay.
Read More
If you’ve always wanted to scuba dive, this is where it starts.
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Start your Career as a PADI Professional here. Become an Internationally Recognised Dive Professional.
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Understanding shark behaviour and biology is the first step towards conserving them.
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Dive Tours


Experience the best Africa has to offer on our tailor-made dive trips. Africa boasts some of the world's best dive spots and amazing diversity.
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The Team

The Team

We have a dynamic team that is excited to help you start your scuba adventure. We are a family-oriented business creating lasting memories together.

We Protect what we Love. Be part of the movement!
Google Review
Our whole scuba experience with Just Africa Scuba was the absolute best!

I was incredibly nervous initially, and Marius constantly put as at ease and was so patient which made everything so much easier.

Would highly recommend using Marius and his team for your scuba courses. They are professional, patient and highly skilled which
truly added to our experience! Thank you again, to Just Africa for a great time! 🤿

Shanon Geyser
Google Review1
I can confidently say that this was one of THE MOST AMAZING experiences ever!

Such a fun and professional team that goes the extra mile for their clients and always wants nothing but the best for each individual.
It was such a privilege to learn how to be an open water diver with a team that has a passion and love for the sea and its creatures.
I 100% recommended you take your first breath underwater with JUST SCUBA!

Erin-Luca Scott
Facebook Review
Just Africa Scuba is the epitome of a dive centre.

They accommodated my, very demanding, schedule and got me from an advanced diver to a dive master, with Four specialties,
within two months. The expertise combined with an actual passion that the crew have, exceeds any other centre I have dove with.
Just Africa Scuba went over and above what they were required or expected on the daily, including and not limited to a fully stocked
Red Bull fridge and an eagerness to match. I can’t wait to go back to Gordon’s Bay for this under-the-radar gem of a dive centre and
add to the 40+ dives I have already done with them!!
If it wasn’t clear enough, a very high recommendation goes out to Just Africa Scuba!!

Mischa Hügli
TripAdvisor Review
I loved being part of the Just Africa Scuba family for a day

I reached out to Just Africa Scuba very spontaneously via WhatsApp to join them for a dive next morning. They got back to me
very quickly and Mari was of great help figuring out the details as well as the gear on the phone. She nailed everything and I was
very happy to have her as my dive guide/buddy during the dive. Thanks again Mari :)

If you are in the Cape Town area and interested in diving, reach out to them, I can highly recommend it.
I will certainly do so when I am back in Capetown!

TripAdvisor Review 1
Great dive centre in Gordons Bay

Wonderful experience. The team at Just Africa Scuba are doing things right. I have just completed 2 courses with Marius and the team,
right from the get go I felt relaxed. Professional staff, great gear, extensive dive knowledge.
I would highly recommend Just Africa Scuba!!

Facebook Review 1
Dankie vir die BESTE diens!!

Julle het alles vir ons moontlik gemaak! Ek sou nie my duik kurses by enige iemand anders kon klaar maak nie!
Mari, baie dankie vir al jou geduld, motivering en ondersteuning tuidens die kursus!! As dit nie vir julle en julle vriendelikheid was nie,
sou ek seker nou nog nie n kursus voltooi het nie. Ek sal enige iemand na julle toe verwys!!! Alles wat julle vir ons gedoen het
waardeer ons op reg!!!

Shane Knoetze
TripAdvisor Review 2
Open water scuba diving

Excellent scuba diving course, Marius is a great instructor and they have great scuba equipment at good prices.
Loved it!

Phumi S
Google Review2
Very pleasant experience with friendly and very professional people.

Schalk completed his PADI open water course very quickly and comfortably and I did my PADI refresher.
We will definitely go diving with Marius and his team regularly in the future.

Elmarie van Wyk
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the age limits?

In most regions, the minimum age is 10 years old, however in some areas, local law may require a higher minimum age limit. Young participants need the approval and support of their parent or guardian. There is no upper age limit. To dive, you must be in good overall health, particularly your respiratory and circulatory systems. Mentally, you need a mature attitude, good judgement and the self-discipline to follow diving guidelines.

What about my ears?

Your ears will not be a problem, assuming you have no irregularities in your ears and sinuses. The discomfort is the normal effect of water pressure pressing on your eardrums. Fortunately, our bodies are designed to adjust to pressure changes in our surroundings – you just need to learn how. If you have no difficulties adjusting to air pressure when flying, you'll most likely experience no problems learning to adjust to water pressure while diving.

I'm not a great swimmer?

Some swimming ability is required. You need to have basic swim skills and be able to comfortably maintain yourself in the water, but you do not have to be a great or even good swimmer. Your PADI Instructor will assess this.

Is diving risky?

Diving does present some inherent risks. You can reduce your chances of having problems while diving by following basic safety rules and learning simple skills. Your dive professional takes precautions, uses experience and exercises good judgement to help keep you as safe as possible. People dive safely every day. However, any time people are in the water and are breathing compressed gas underwater, there is the potential for problems to occur.

More FAQs

PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center

Our PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center is located in Gordon's Bay, a lovely coastal town 40km from Cape Town CBD, we mainly explore the beautiful marine life of False Bay.

Make Scuba Diving Your Career

We focus on training confident and conservation-conscious divers and dive instructors. This is achieved through personal attention, incorporating life skills in our courses, and our persuasive love and respect for the ocean.

PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center

We have an on-site swimming pool and luxurious 4-star hotel accommodation at the Krystal Beach Hotel. Enjoy drinks & meals at the restaurant with beautiful views of the marina, ocean and mountains in Gordon's Bay.

Krystal Beach Hotel

Dive Shop

Visit our Dive Shop for all your Scuba Dive soft gear and hard gear needs as well as great dive accessories and beachwear. We stock Scubapro, Fourth Element, Cressi, Bright Weights, Reef, Saekodive, Ikelite, 3Square, Breazies, Ocean Tide, Salteez, and more.

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Mafia Island Trip

Mafia Island Trip
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21-29 November 2024
Dive into Paradise: Explore Mafia Island's Legendary Reefs and Swim with Majestic Whale Sharks! 🌊🦈 Don't miss the chance to experience the thrill of snorkeling with gentle giants in one of the world's top diving spots. Click here for an unforgettable adventure! 🌟🐠

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