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1. A Remedy to Keep Your Sanity

I find that not many people realize how important it is to have something that pulls you away from your everyday life, a place where you forget everything and can immerse yourself completely in that one thing. A place where your thoughts become quiet and everything else around you fades into the background. You’re there, now, in the moment, and nothing else matters.

In our fast-paced environment, this has become more of a necessity. We need something that slows life down every now and again, for many people scuba diving is this place of calm awareness where we gain our sanity.

2. Awareness

I don’t know what exactly it is, if it’s the total immersion in the water, the silence or the complete awareness of your own breathing, but this naturally places you in a state of awareness. You forget all about your daily tasks, problems and work.  Experiences like this are refreshing. It’s like pressing a reset button in your mind.

This can be experienced with many other activities, obviously, this is not only when scuba diving. Scuba diving just seems to bring this about so much easier than other activities. You will probably not experience this in your very early dives, but once you get comfortable underwater. There’s always something that beckons you to come back anyway, so you will get there soon enough.

3. Connection

It’s something different for everyone. For some, it’s the connection to nature, or the marvelling at all the weird and wonderful creatures, the realization of your own smallness or the belief in something greater. It can be interesting people you meet or all the breathtaking places you see.

4. Growth

I have learned so much about myself since this journey started. I have evolved into a positive morning person who enjoys meeting new people! This is a big deal since I used to be quite the opposite. I realize that I can’t give scuba diving in itself all the credit, but it is scuba diving that set me on this path of growth. The people and experiences that have come across my path because of my choice to start scuba diving have brought these changes about. This is a sure thing if you open yourself up to it.

I never realized how disagreeable I could be until our first scuba diving trip. There I had to get up early, greet people without having had my morning coffee then we had to walk in thick sand to get to the dive centre to kit up and get into my wet and cold wetsuit. This experience opened my eyes to new ways that I could improve myself.

This was quite a few years ago and even now scuba diving is still a wonderful tool for me to challenge myself. Now, as I am furthering my education in diving my focus has turned to other people and how I can assist them.

5. Reward

The things I’ve learned, seen, done, the people I’ve met from weird and wonderful places, all the travels and ticking off so many things from my bucket list is to name a few. Scuba diving has been one of the most rewarding things I have done so far.

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